One Community One Goal


Beacon Council Economic Development Foundation

The One Day project team chose to focus on connecting students with industries that have been identified as growth industries in Miami. To inform this effort, our team referred to the Beacon Council’s Target Industry Strategies report.

Strategic Plan

The purpose of this Target Industry Strategies report is to provide Miami-Dade County with a roadmap for its future economic development initiative, One Community One Goal. This report provides strategic recommendations aimed at growing jobs and creating long-term sustainable economic prosperity in Miami-Dade County. It coordinates all economic development activities, not just Beacon Council’s targeted marketing, and is design to be holistic. Implementation will require involvement by a broad spectrum of Miami-Dade County organizations. The seven areas identified as growth industries in Miami are:


Creative Design

Hospitality & Tourism

Information & Technology

International Banking & Finance

Life Sciences & Health Care

Trade & Logistics

About the Beacon Council

As Miami-Dade County’s official economic development partnership, The Beacon Council is charged with bringing new, job-generating investments to the community, while assisting existing businesses in their efforts to expand. By doing this, The Beacon Council facilitates the creation of quality jobs for each and every resident of Miami-Dade County. Since its creation in 1985, The Beacon Council has assisted over 800 companies which have created more than 55,000 direct jobs, retained more than 16,000 existing jobs, and added more than $2.8 billion in new capital investment to our community.

click here for the full report


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